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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

too many choices

whilst driving across town, i stopped at an unfamiliar grocery store in a better area to buy my weekly meals.

i was a little horrified by the bread aisle. there were SO MANY choices for plain wheat bread that i spent a good five minutes pouring over the shelves looking for plain ol', "wheat bread".

too many choices hurts my brain. the difference between "cracked top wheat bread" "nine grain wheat bread" "jerusalem rye wheat" "honey oat wheat" etc... etc... is, frankly, inconsequential. give me the plain, normal, unexciting, non-designer wheat bread. cheaper, and tastes the same when you smother it in peanut butter and jelly.

this got me thinking about how there are too many choices in the world, so it is impossible to be happy with what i have. i never know - in the back of my mind - if i am getting the best possible experience out of my toast and sandwiches. i will constantly wonder which will taste better. i will seek out recipes and reviews, hunting for the generally accepted superior taste marvel. i will always look upon my eggs and toast with doubt.

unless, of course, i ignore the myriad of choices and labels, and purchase plain wheat toast and happily consume exactly what i desire and never let the worldwide media machine and breadmakers confuse my palate.

this is, of course, a metaphor for love.

more importantly, tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays.

tomorrow is international talk like a pirate day.

i am already shivering in my timbers in anticipation!

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