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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

whinge whinge whinge

i'm off work every monday no matter what. this means, that i'm hard at work every monday trying to be a brilliant writer.

yesterday it didn't quite work out for me. i gave up around nine o'clock after a full day of slamming my head against a computer screen and only coming up with blood to show for it.

then, i dug through my recent and forthcoming short stories to figure out which one i should read at apollocon.

i discovered something that makes me squint and go "rrr..."

my best short story - my interstitial steampunk/death/futurismo fantastickal tale is currently unsold. it's out on submission.

strange horizons passed on it. i usually send stories to strange horizons first, even if i'm not sure if the fit is right. the fit wasn't right. i had to hack the story down pretty bad to get it in submit at clarkesworld - about 1000 words, actually - but after gutting the story to get the 4000 wordcount rule, i was unsurprised to see it rejected.

i'm waiting patiently for the third place i sent it.

and i want to read it at my next convention, because i think it's probably the best, strangest, surrealest story i got. if it isn't sold anywhere, i don't feel right reading it.

which depressed me. but it didn't depress me as much as banging my head against a keyboard all day and only coming up with a couple hundred words that weren't total garbage.

whinge whinge whinge.

go read a good book, or watch some anime, while i clean the blood off my keyboard!

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