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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

favorite books so far...

i have been reading many, many books this year - most of them novels.

i just thought i'd list out a few of the ones i liked the best, because otherwise i am exceptionally occupied in something else, entirely, that i will tell you about much later.

some of these have showed up recommended by me before, some haven't. i bet i'll come across some more great tomes of glory as the weeks progres...

(and, one I read for the first time this year that I've been considering re-reading after the Jamil Nasir book... If I were doing a thesis in literature right now, I'd probably look at the different ways sci-fi and fantasy handle alternate universes as a vehicle towards God, a theme apparent in a couple of the books above. Jamil's writing reminds me very much of Stanislaw Lem, while Walter Jon Williams writing reminds me very much of Moorcock's multiverse adventures. Michael Cisco writes only like Michael Cisco, and no one else.)

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