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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Challenge to all photoshoppers!

As you can clearly see, this WAR BEETLE was bioengineered to give it more long, spindly, hard-steel legs to keep it's frikkin' HUGE bulk up in the sky. It's basically the size of a suburb. Each of it's six eyes is the size of of a wal-mart. And, they shoot frikkin' lasers. They have huge, diamond scythes on their faces so they can eat their prey - OTHER WAR BEETLES! - and long trunk-like tubules that spit acid.

Also, they are always drenched in the red, red blood-spray of their enemies.

I could spend all day doodling WAR BEETLES! in Microsoft Paint.

Instead, I want you - yes *YOU* - to photoshop me up some giant war beetle action! Or take a picture of your amazing Lego Giant War Beetle!

The winner gets a prize, if anyone actually does this.

Also, you get to say you made a better giant war beetle than I did.

Which would be difficult, because mine is totally awesome for a minute-and-a-half in microsoft paint!

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