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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter

I was gearing up to start making the family phone calls, and realized I wouldn't feel comfortable talking to people on the phone unless I was actually showered and dressed.

Also, I skip church on Easter Sunday. It's because there are lots of people who only go to church on Easter Sunday. Lots of people. Lots and lots and lots of people. It's frightening, cramped, hot, uncomfortable, and it takes forever just to do the most basic stuff.

I'm not saying these folks should go year 'round, or not at all. I am saying us regular folk suddenly got a real strong urge not to go, on a holy day of obligation. My faith was tested, and LOST!

I think skipping today means I'm just as lackadaisical as the folks who only go on Christmas and Easter.

At least I feel kind of bad about it. That at least means I'm not irredeemable, yet, doesn't it?

Happy Easter, everybody.

(Tomorrow is a wonderful day: The Cadbury Cream Eggs Go On Steep Discount!)

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