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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 25 Songs Played On My iPhone...

This list is actually very surprising to me.

1) Vokuro - Bjork, Medulla
2) Pleasure is All Mine - Bjork, Medulla
3) On The Radio - Begin to Hope, Regina Spektor
4) Cancion Mixteca - Lila Downs, La Sandunga
5) One Day - Bjork, Debut
7) Ethnosphere - Shiva in Exile, Ethnic
8) Let's Run - Le Tigre
9) Dirty Harry - Gorillaz, Demon Days
10) A Warm Place - Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral
11) Culling of the Fold - The Decemberists
12) Pinotepa - Liila Downs, Lla Sandunga
13) Tell Me Now - Mazzy Star, Batman Forever Soundtrack
14) Hurt - Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral
15) Daysleeper- REM, Best of REM 1988-2003
16) Hidden Place - Bjork, Vspertine
17) The Weight - The Band
18) Tengo Meido De Quererte - Lila Downs, La Sandunga
19) Road to the West - The Seatbelts - Blue (V.3 of Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack)
20) Ain't Misbehavin - Louis Armstrong
21) Breathing - Shiva in Exile, Ethnic
22) Psychopomp - The Tea Party, Transmission
23) Aldebaran - Shiva in Exile, Ethnic
24) Kill the Headlights - Nicole Atkins, Neptune City
25) Love Surreal - Nicole Atkins, Neptune City

I don't get this list at all. I rarely listen to Lila Downs and NIN, and I know there's really missing some serious Postal Service and Gjallarhorn. Also, the fact that this is not all entirely Bjork kind of surprises me, too. I listen to a lot of Bjork.

Well, you can't argue with science!

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