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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

at work, we have these tvs running...

at work, we have these tvs up everywhere that normally would give us updates about our technology that we're using to do what we do, as we all got to be aware of whether it's working or not, and who broke it if it is broken.

anyway, these tvs are generally very quiet, and show mere text with some basic colors of green (working), yellow (implementing changes), and red (broken!). that's great, and helpful and useful.

right now, all of the tvs are keyed into e3 presentations, and in the distance i can hear their presentations and whatnot and its all very annoying. blinky lights, and moving pictures, and all that stuff while i'm trying to focus is not useful.

i am supposed to love e3, because i work in games. actually, i'm developing a real dislike for e3. i don't necessarily believe that any of these presentations are an indicator of whether these things are good or bad, because everything will be so carefully presented. and, i'd really rather just get back to work.

suddenly, i dislike e3. a lot. weird, for a gamer nerd.

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