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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Accepted an Offer...

I just accepted an offer from Nightshade Books on the little trilogy I mentioned way, way, way back in my first interview at Omnivoracious... (

[quote] I'm finishing up a little trilogy right now that is--I hope--utterly different from Last Dragon. Three children of demons discover each other in a city that would burn them alive for the crime of existing. The demon stain marks their life very differently. For social outcasts and the working poor, it takes heroics just to lead a normal life. I'll leave the description at that, for now. Other then that, I like to write short fiction. Check out Coyote Wild Magazine, Atomjack Magazine, and Pseudopod for some of my latest short stories. I particularly recommend Coyote Wild Magazine because a couple of the other stories in the issue with mine are really, really exceptional.[/quote]

Publishing is slow, but good books always find a home, even when things turn sour.

I, frankly, love Nightshade's books. Been reading Jay Lake, and Joel Lane, and Matthew Hughes, and Paolo Bacigalupi and all sorts of their novels and anthologies, all over my apartment. Got so many of them floating around my shelves it's unsurprising to find myself working with them, now.

I'm really looking forward to working with these folks. It's an honor to be included with their numerous fantastic titles.

I'm writing this all a little stunned. I guess I'm still new enough in the business that it's really hard to keep my "just-another-day-at-the-office" cool demeanor about this.

Yeah, so... Uh... My day's fantastic. How about you? How are you folks doing? (Self-pimpin' in the comments is encouraged, my friends. Tell me about your awesome, so we can all bask in it together!)

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