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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WE LEAVE TOGETHER set and loaded for June 2014

“Readers will be eager to return to Dogsland.” —Publishers Weekly I n a city where the rich stage decadent parties as the poor suffer in squalor, where assassins prowl and kings men keep order with truncheons and force, where gangs of children run like dogs and addicts die in the streets, a demonic strain has taken hold. The shape shifting priestess and priest of Erin have come to Dogsland stalking a fugitive, half-breed Senta Rachel Nolander, and plot to burn her to cleanse the world of her demon-tainted blood. Led ever onward by Rachel’s corrupted lover’s crying skull, Erin’s agents seek their hapless quarry, a frightened girl guided by one promise, one hope, one prayer... We Leave Together. News broke first on Twitter:

Watch for ARCs in the wild, people...

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