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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things That Are Pushing Against My Head Right Now...

Here are some songs, movies, books, all wandering in my head right now. I was singing this to myself all morning:
 Last night, I was singing this to myself:

I thought this movie was amazing, and it immediately leapt into my subconscious straight from the screen. There have been vivid dreams among pastel Bavarian mountains...

I have been slowly rereading these stories as the larger books I work upon require rest. I am a huge Jernigan fan, and recommend his work as I am able.

I am also reading this book, and it is thus far amazing. Just amazing.

This magazine was recommended to me by Jeff VanderMeer, and after two issues, I'm thoroughly hooked. I'll have to scrape together some change to renew my subscription.

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