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Saturday, January 27, 2007

something cut from my first novel

we will pay a man to attack her. then, we will save her.
do you think it will work?
this is a trick that works among nations, among lover, and among cats.

sent off a final draft yesterday. i hope it's the final draft. we'll see what my editor says.

today, i spent two hours trying to find mass times for any German Catholic Church within twenty miles of my grateful behind.

oddly enough, german churches do not prominently feature their mass times on their websites, or their voicemail boxes.

to find mass times, i had to snoop the website of a larger church to find their altar server schedule. from this, i deduced the time of mass. i hope i did, anyway.

i'm going out today, but nothing will be open. i'm going to wander empty streets before and after mass. nothing is open on sunday

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