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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

olympic sports continued

today, it was very slow at work. very slow.

Ken, Elaine, Linda, Sandra, and me put together this long, long list of sports that ought to be in the olympics but aren't. In no particular order, here are the ones I can remember:

1) Weighted Giant Speed Chess (Mind over heavy, heavy matter)
2) Japanese Gameshow Obstical Course
3) Shot-putt Catch
4) Battleship
5) Infiltration (players infiltrate another nation's team, and throw the event, then REVEAL THEMSELVES FOR THE GOLD! Special extra points for players that cross genders... World Record Holder infiltrated another nation's infiltration team!)
6) The Hustle
7) Quickdraw Cellphone Answering
8) There's this place in Europe where guys chase a giant wheel of cheese down a hill, and try to catch the cheese. It's really dangerous.
9) Trampoline Boxing
10) Life-size Hungry, Hungry Hippo, with people in Hamster Wheels
11) Rock...Paper...SCISSORS!!!!!
12) Boomerang Clay Pigeons. (Pull, somewhere behind you! Quick, throw the boomerang!)
13) Jousting
14) Magic: The Gathering game while both players are running on treadmills that get steadily faster. You either outlast your opponent on the growing speeds, or defeath them with MAGIC!
15) Hitting yourself really hard in the face.

Yup. Slow day. This isn't even half of what we came up with. This is just what I can remember. Anyone else?

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