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Monday, August 2, 2010

plug in plug in plug in

down to the downbeats of the day, i got your blog entry right here, in my pocket, next to the lint and paper craps that used to be a receipt for something - probably food or gasoline, as if there's a difference anymore with the gulf and the grocery stores the way they are - and it's shiny and shiny and wants your attention.

a light goes off in rss readers and spider toes about the burgeoning profusion of words upon this old screen of mine. a new growth, a new berry for the plucking and remaking into a thousand linkbait pages to lure new spiders to eat the same fruit plucked once already. shit-eating pages. pages that make spiders eat regurgitated pages. poop.


it shows up all over. don't google this blog, this entry. don't trust the links if you do. a million angler fish are searching for an angle, hoping their teeth can sink beyond your antivirals if you press the words.

plug in plug in, i say plug in, all you monsters and trawlers of sins, for the day is coming - the great and terrible day - where you will be setting traps for spiders not to catch the eyeballs of unwary, unworthy man, but to wrap the wired teeth around the spiders that come to seek. spiders eating spiders, waving regurgitated spiders to capture spiders.

in the down time of the day, i'm thinking about a big spider - bigger than dreams and bigger than stars - sniffing around with nothing left to eat but eyeballs, empty because it can eat the machine but it cannot eat the man.

become the machine, then? become the man?

whatever it does, i know it will do it plugged into this.

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