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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

if everyone who fell in love with anyone always had their love returned, the world would lack in necessary confusions.

with this simplicity in our love, we'd seek to confuse our hatreds. we'd cause confusing arguments for no reason with strangers instead of lovers. we'd break into neighbors homes to smash dishes. we'd fly to foreign countries to shout "what were you thinking!" at the top of our lungs to our enemies who had done actually nothing that was really so bad.

wars would arise not from conflict but from gossip. one nation would be so irrationally angry at another for taking the patriotism of the citizens that whole armies will jump out of planes drunk and itching for a fistfight just to prove their hatred. another nation might have heard that two others were in collusion, thus needed immediate nuking. in fact, with simple loves, all of our wars would reflect our confusing hearts instead.

thus, it is for the best that our loves are rarely answered. let us be confused in love, not war.

unrequited love is actually a nucleur war averted.

you do want to stop nucleur war, don't you?

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