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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

some people sudoku, i flash

in need of brain teasing, i do not sudoku. i struggle with the difficult art of flash fiction. for example:

People Got Married

We watched "Billy Elliot" and took a shot of
tequila every time we couldn't understand what someone
said because we're from Mount Laurel, NJ, and we don't
speak like that.
We drank too much tequila.

In the morning, I asked her if she’d been
dancing since she was twelve, and she told me that
she'd been smoking pot since she was twelve, and I
said I had been, too.
That was the only real thing we ever needed to
know about each other.

Then the sun hit our hangovers, the clothes
came back on, and I volunteered to take the movie back
on my way to work.

I said to her, I said I'd call you.

She asked me what people did before phones.

I shrugged. I guess they got married, I said.

She started to object to that, but then she
rushed to the bathroom to throw up all that tequila.

I said it again to her, I said I guess people
got married.

Then I left her like that.

(yes this is from ye ol' archives of things i will not send off to publish - a.k.a. the b-sides... it means i didn't do anything yesterday because i was working.)

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