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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why I need to get a digital camera

This morning, a Coke Zero froze out and exploded all over my fridge.

I mean, it was annoying to clean it up, but it looked really cool, the way ice looks when it explodes through aluminum and it is all chemistry and no water.

Last night I heard a loud, unrecognizable "BANG" and got up to see if something was going on in my apartment. I found nothing, then, and assumed I was just hallucinating or maybe the neighbors had fallen to their death.

Then, this morning, I discover that my invader had raided the fridge, cranked up the cold, and gleefully escaped into the darkness.

I will search for evidence of goblin infestation tonight. I will lay traps with cheese and mushroom. I will catch the filthy bugbear.

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