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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where Have All the Novellas Gone?

There used to be this thing that wasn't quite a novel, but wasn't quite a short story.

It was this marvelous thing, you could read in one sitting without feeling like you read only a tiny bit. You could get the depth of the world and the characters without being overwhelmed by the deep commitment of time involved in the story.

Where have all the novellas gone?

I look back on my love life, and most of the ones I remember fondly, though it ended, were like novellas. There was some commitment of time, a few months perhaps. We enjoyed what we had. We parted - for good or ill - on whatever terms came on the last page of our story.

I wandered Barnes and Noble this evening, searching for the novellas, finding none.

Must we marry every book? Must we have one night's dancing with the stories in magazines?

Where have all the novellas gone?

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