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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hm. I ask a boon.

Since you come here, traveler, I know that you are aware of my book. Perhaps you have read the book. Perhps not.

Regardless, I am always wonderign if I can do everything I can to promote the book. I worked very hard on it, you know, and I don't always know if I'm doing everything I can to make the book successful.

Can you, fair reader, help me?

Do you have a blog? A message board? Can you post an Amazon review? A Barnes and Noble review? A Books-A-Million review?

For just a few moments, would it be terrible of you to say something truthful about my book in a place where your words perchance might influence others?

Also, if anyone is going to conventions outside of Texas, can you e-mail me your address? I'd love to mail out little cards to be left upon freebie tables at any convention at all.

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