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Friday, February 9, 2001

Meet the Author, Demand His Terrifically Bad Handwriting on Objects Related to Him!

This list will be updated regularly with my appearances of a public nature. Private appearances, however, could happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. When will you run into J M McDermott? Will you recognize him if you do?

Best come to a public appearance, just in case you discover yourself sitting in a brewhouse next to a strange fellow that seems to be a little too eloquent for your average alcoholic.

16-Feb 1:00 PM Borders@Hulen and I-30 (map)

17-Feb 2:00 PM Eurotazza (map)

22-Feb Allday ConDFW
23-Feb Allday ConDFW
24-Feb Allday ConDFW

1-Mar 2:00-4:00 PM Barnes and Noble in North Arlington on Collins (map)

2-Mar 2:00 PM Barnes and Noble in Hurst near 183/820 (map)

8-Mar 1:00:00 PM- 3:00PM The Only Books-A-Million in Dallas/Fort Worth

9-Mar 1:00:00 PM-3;00 PM Barnes and Noble on 635 and MacArthur in Irving (map)

22-Mar 2:00 PM Highland Park Village in Dallas, Barnes and Noble (map)

27-Mar Allday AggieCon
28-Mar Allday AggieCon
29-Mar Allday AggieCon
30-Mar Allday AggieCon

17-May 2:00-4:00 Barnes and Noble on 5601 Brodie Lane, Austin TX 78745 (map)