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Saturday, April 15, 2023


Thanks to Nissa McCormick of ElfElm LLC for the design on this one.

It'll populate to Amazon when it populates. Look for it there.

If I sell 10,000 copies, I'll write a sequel. That's a number where I could actually afford to do things without my day job, you see. It will take quite a bit more counseling and/or therapy and/or prayer before my brain is ready to write things again after what I've been through this last year, and things are getting better but not really at the velocity of better I would like.

I just hope my ex doesn't attempt to overdose my son on vitamins or start attacking us again, in the mean time. I mean, the crazy weird aggressive stuff continues, but at least keep your elbows to your damn self.

Coming soon to Amazon and elsewhere...

Goblins sneak. Goblins steal. Goblins stay hidden from the land of giants and grimalkin and trolls and elves. They live in old juniper trees hiding their villages and royal buildings in the deep forest. 

Rambol goblin is determined to be the greatest sneak thief of all goblin-kind, not a tree-sniffer like his parents. He wants his statue forever on display in the Goblin Hall of Greatness and Their Great Goings On, and that means he must do an exceptional act of thievery, like taking the tooth of a living troll. The path is perilous, and the danger vast. But, he does not go alone into the grimalkin kingdoms, where giants live among the roads and buildings. 

I wrote this one as shit started to get really dark in my life, and I discovered things I can't really talk about, and I'm not interested in going through a full publication process on it where I have to go back and go back and go back to that place in my head. I'm just pushing it up to Amazon as soon as I get time at a real computer. If it sells 10,000 copies I'll write a sequel.

If you want an early look in exchange for an honest Amazon/Goodreads/Whatever review hit me up now.