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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Busy busy

I've been punching together a new first draft. Ways to ge, yet. The art of writing is the art of editing your own writing. Now that' I've got one draft of it done, I can actually start. First paragraph shared below.

Goblins are naughty creatures. They wiggle and fidgett and complain when they work, if anything at all that they did could be considered work. Their jobs are for the most part very silly. The most important job of all to a goblin is being the goblin that gets to climb to the top of the biggest tree in the goblin tree village and to sing a very old song at winter solstice while ringing the very old bells. Goblins also have great respect for the tree bark sniffers, who can identify the breed and and health and history of a tree just by sniffing at the bark. What they do with this information is not very clear, since they don’t write very much down about them, but it’s extremely important to sniff bark and identify trees. They also put great stock in dancing when the leaves fall in autumn. They make big piles of leaves down on the forest floor among their loyal beetle bobs and jump into the piles and swim around while they sing an autumnal song. In spring, they take tiny hammers and crack the ice at the creek because it seems the most mischievous thing to do, to wake a sleeping waterway. In summer, they gather up and redistribute all the seeds of the flowers, as if the wind would not do that already by itself. Much of what they considered important, to the rest of the people who are not goblins, would not seem very important at all.