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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

Don't believe anything you read today. Not even this. 

How many creatures on this planet can imagine and enunciate something that is not true? Monkeys who can sign can probably imagine. Their play mimics being chased, being the alpha and the omega, being different. Dolphins probably, too. What else can imagine what isn't real? I doubt the birds in my yard have the mindspace for that. They don't seem to even believe that I will actually hurt them when I storm over to keep them off of my seed beds. Squirrels don't imagine, that I can tell. If they do, I have no evidence of it. Sharks don't seem to dream. They are hunting or they are dead. 

Dogs seem to, sometimes. I have seen them looking for someone who isn't there, puzzling out where that one might be. I have seen them puzzling through to a solution. When they sleep, their legs kick. When they look at their food dish, they want something different. They know where the food is.

Don't be fooled by the cats. They are like small, furred sharks. When they play, they are hunting. When they sleep, their souls walk the valleys of the shadows of death, pouncing upon the souls that come to the valley, devouring them. 

We are capable of imagining something that isn't there. Believe nothing you read today, as usual. Or, believe it all in a way, for all stories are true. On a large time scale, all that is possible becomes likely. On an infinite time scale, all that is possible becomes inevitable. Spring is the time of the flush of life and growth.The dreams that come on the day of fools and whimsy, they are part of that flush. We are imagining a woman pope, the poor raised up and the rich laid low, and wild, zany dreams. Cats wearing parachutes, life on Mars, etc. 

It's coming again. Everything's coming soon enough, but not too soon.

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