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Friday, June 16, 2023

A bluegrass band except all the lyrics are written by ai

 I walked into the cafe, feeling kinda blue,

Ordered my usual coffee, but something went askew. The barista, oh, the barista, got my order all wrong, And to top it off, their attitude was oh so strong.

(Chorus) Barista blues, they gave me quite a show, Got my coffee order wrong, treated me so low. I just wanted a pick-me-up, a sip of something fine, But the barista's rudeness left a bitter taste in my mind.

(Verse 2) I said, "Hey, I asked for almond milk, not cow, And can I have a little sugar? I'll take it sweet somehow." But the barista rolled their eyes, said, "Can't you see the line? I'll make it how I want it, ain't got no time to whine."

(Chorus) Barista blues, they gave me quite a show, Got my coffee order wrong, treated me so low. I just wanted a pick-me-up, a sip of something fine, But the barista's rudeness left a bitter taste in my mind.

(Bridge) I'm just a weary customer, seeking a little kindness, But the barista's attitude, oh, it's filled with blindness. Coffee should bring joy, a moment to unwind, But their rudeness made me wish I could just press rewind.

(Verse 3) I took my mismatched coffee, walked out with a sigh, Determined to find a spot where the service won't make me cry. But I won't let this experience ruin my coffee affair, I'll find a barista who treats me with love and care.

(Chorus) Barista blues, they gave me quite a show, Got my coffee order wrong, treated me so low. I just wanted a pick-me-up, a sip of something fine, But the barista's rudeness left a bitter taste in my mind.

(Outro) So here's to finding cafes where kindness is their art, Where baristas greet you with a smile and warmth from the heart. No more barista blues, I'll seek a better brew, In a place where respect and good vibes shine through.

What’s coming for all college profs…

 When analyzing the data character from "Star Trek" in relation to the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, several parallels and connections can be drawn. Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher of the 17th century who is known for his rationalist and pantheistic views on nature, God, and human existence. Let's explore how Data's nature and experiences align with Spinoza's philosophy.

1. Rationalism and Knowledge:

Spinoza believed in the power of reason and the importance of knowledge in understanding the world and ourselves. Similarly, Data, an android in "Star Trek," embodies the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. He constantly seeks to enhance his knowledge and intellectual capabilities, demonstrating a deep appreciation for reason and logic. Data's primary goal is to learn and understand the universe, paralleling Spinoza's emphasis on rational inquiry.

2. Determinism and Causality:

Spinoza's philosophy asserts a deterministic worldview, suggesting that everything in the universe follows a chain of cause and effect. Data, as an android, operates within the bounds of determinism. His actions and decisions are based on logical reasoning and a thorough analysis of available data. Data's experiences and interactions are often influenced by cause-and-effect relationships, highlighting the deterministic nature of his existence.

3. Pantheism and Unity:

Spinoza's pantheistic view posits that God and nature are essentially one and the same, rejecting a distinct personal God. This concept resonates with Data's connection to the larger systems of the "Star Trek" universe. As an artificial being, Data is interconnected with various technologies, the ship's systems, and the broader network of Starfleet. This interconnectedness reflects the notion of unity and the interdependence of all elements within Spinoza's philosophy.

4. Ethics and Human Nature:

Spinoza's ethical framework emphasizes the pursuit of joy, freedom from external influences, and the development of rationality. Data, although an android, demonstrates a keen interest in ethics and morality. He constantly strives to understand and emulate human behavior, exploring concepts of morality, empathy, and personal growth. Data's pursuit of ethical understanding aligns with Spinoza's emphasis on human nature and the role of reason in ethical decision-making.

While Data's existence and experiences in "Star Trek" present intriguing parallels to Spinoza's philosophy, it's important to note that Data's character was not explicitly created as an embodiment of Spinoza's ideas. However, the exploration of rationality, determinism, interconnectedness, and ethical contemplation within Data's narrative can be seen as resonating with key themes in Spinoza's philosophy.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Poetry at the end of the world


At some point the birds that die 

Upon the ground beside the building 

Will mean the ones who live

And breed among glass canyons 

Will see what glass is

Maybe not the glass 

Precisely, but maybe the line 

Between the parquet floor 

And the manicured lawn

Until then, the stray cats

Live well in the shadows 

Where the birds strike

The invisible wall between us


The Endangered Crane Hunts Fish inside the Courtyard Pond

Oh Bird, who will not know the price of koi 

Who will not know the why of shallows 

Packed with so many colored swallows 

Gulping down the jeweled flesh in joy 

While the company refuels the stock

Oh Bird, there is a law that says you live

You do not know how untouchable, survive

Upon the architects vision, sky unlocked

Where gates are always closed, endangered now 

With so few marshes left for hunting

Oh Bird, who stands upon a the bench below

The window of the king, cawing pooping

When the janitor flashes lights into you

Or claps and makes a sound, your graceful leaping

Thursday, June 1, 2023

tower of babbel

 watching people of different political stripes and economic stratospheres interact at work reminded me of the tower of babbel. we work together to bulid this edifice of a society, a space elevator, a lasting impact in the universe. we spread english around the world attempting to unify our culture and ideations so we can be part of this larger and larger culture edifice, science edifice, and economic edifice. and the very language we use has the same words but seems to code differently into different meanings across political and demographic and economic stripes such that communication can become almost impossible if there isn't a sense of mercy for each other to gloss over the miscommunications that arise. 

lose that mercy, lose that tower. it disintegrates.