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Friday, April 5, 2013

Nothing to see here...

I'm about to brew a pot of coffee, open a computer file and get to work. It's Friday, a beautiful day, and I'm building hugulkultur beds in the back when I hit my word quota. 

It looks like piles of trash, back there, and i'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. The dirt has to settle down a bit, and then get some more dirt, and let that settle, and then get some more dirt... In a week or two, it'll be lined with bricks, planted with vegetables and flowers, and it will look like something. Right now, it just looks like a weird pile in the back yard. There's sticks and dirt and cardboard and things. Next is more dirt, some bricks.

Keep piling it on. Everything that happens, at this point, is just more fertilizer.

I'm not worried about Nightshade's explosion. Either way is either way. Everything that happens, at this point, is just more fertilizer for the big, long career. It looks like kind of a mess right now, but we'll see what happens when the tomatoes bloom.

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