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Friday, December 29, 2006

on the barnes and noble wallpaper, the café where all those literary greats drink and smoke like sinners, bears the name "café chocolat" on the door.

i assume the chocolate referred to in the name is the dark kind, because these particular authors are certainly in hell. sodomites and liars and fornicators, all -- (god bless them and their brilliant books).

also, they’re all white. not one black, asian, or hispanic author among them. sad. i guess frederick douglass and zora neale hurston and tomas rivera and yukio mishima all made it into heaven. (which, i reckon, is odd since mishima committed harikiri.)

anyway, hell is definitely segregated.

also, they call the cafe "chocolat", but the patrons aren't chocolat at all. call it "cafe vanill", barnes and noble. and put some other ethnicities up there before somebody sues you.

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