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Sunday, January 14, 2007

people you haven't seen in a very long time, and didn't know very well when you did know them

i still live in the same area as my alma mater. today, someone i went to high school with sat next to me at mass with what appeared to be her husband.

she certainly seemed nice enough in high school, though her preferred friends probably could not have quoted yoda, and probably have not spent all of spring break reading "shogun" by james clavell. however, i certainly thought well enough of her to remember her after ten years with vague well-wishes.

i didn't really say anything to her in high school. she didn't say anything to me now. I didn't say anything to her now.

what are we supposed to say?

"hello, we went to high school together, and these few words we are about to say politely are perhaps the most we've ever spoken to each other at one time."

how strange that we mortals remain forever in high school, measuring our lives by the glory we bring to reunions. these are pictures of my children. this is my car. let me tell you about my breathtaking job.

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