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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

guy in a dress

seven-feet-tall, in flat shoes, and built like an ex-football player that has passed gracefully into middle age, he/she had an adam’s apple as large as a nose.

this man in a bright pink designer skirt-suit (from now on to be referred to as a “dress”, though the chanel suit marge simpson wore in the country club episode is a better approximation), strolled through the art museum in make-up and clean-shaven of leg and face and dressed to the nines.

though he/she didn’t actually quite pass on account of his/her size and prominent adam’s apple and mannish figure…

he/she looked like they had really done all they could to be the classy lady he/she ought to have been. certainly, the elegant attire and jewelry was quite a change from a museum where flip-flops and paint-spattered t-shirts with crude messages are more common than collars and ties.

he/she was dressed to the nines, like a true queen, and made the other women around him/her look poorly dressed in their tank-tops and discount jeans.

i think it takes even more courage to be the guy in the dress when one is seven feet tall and built like an ex-football player. kudos to you! kudos, guy in a dress!

guy in a dress, you are a profile in courage, and would probably be an awesome person to hang out with because you are the largest, burliest transvestite i have ever seen in my life, and you really went all out for it, and pulled out all the stops to be beautiful.

guy in a dress, you are my hero(ine?).

may you inspire other guys in dresses across the southern states of america. the bible belt needs way more transvestites.

also, may you inspire the other women and cross-dressers of the world to dress as stylishly as you did. one of the other reasons you didn’t pass completely was how you were so much better dressed than everyone else that you really drew attention to yourself.

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