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Monday, December 10, 2007

"The Lovesong of Jack McNally" sold to Atomjack Magazine

Atomjack Magazine picked up my little tale about an insurance agent/alien abductee and his hipster friend, Jack McNally.

They're going to publish this story in February, I hear.

If you don't want to read about devouring women to save the human race...

Let's review:
"Man in the Mountain" in December issue of New Myths,
"Last Star" in January issue of Coyote Wild Magazine,
"The Lovesong of Jack McNally" in February Issue of Atomjack Magazine

Story-riffic couple months ahead. I'll keep you posted with any more news on this front. I should have some more news soon.

(Oh, and LAST DRAGON lands in February - though it should be bleeding into your bookstores as the printers ship out. When your name is neither Stephen King nor J.K. Rowling, books will ship out as they're ready. Thus, keep an eye out. If you see it on the shelves of your bookstore, dear friends, do let me know. I want pictorial proof!)

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