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Friday, December 19, 2008

Tell me the story I'm telling...

Right. Here's a series of pictures, courtesy of my webcam, wherein I am making facial expressions to commingle with the story I am telling.

Please, illuminate the blog-o-sphere with your version of this story. Demarcate each new part of the story with the appropriate number.






1 comment:

LisaBit said...

My hand appears to hold a
delicious coffee!

But wait - bafflement:
did it materialize
out of the ether?

Oh well! Jolly good!
Don't look a gift horse that brings
mystery coffee.

A sip: face puckers -
coffee is cold and lacking.
Who forgets Baily's?

One jigger poured in,
now I'm rosy and merry!
Praise be, coffee gods!