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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thinking about GLBT stuff

So, there's this scene in my first novel, early on, when Zhan is living in an alley, and her "roommates" so to speak basically ignore her because they're drunk all the time, and gay. Which isn't to say this is the best example from my writing of GLBT characters.

(Wait until the very gay short stories "Death Mask and Eulogy" or "Samantha's Story" find homes... Soon.... Fingers crossed...)

I did that on purpose, late in the book, because the gay characters I wanted were edited out for purposes of structure/story. Prince Tsui's uncle was supposed to be gay. It was the best place for it, in that narrative.

When the story demanded the gay characters at the end had to be edited out, I frowned ferociously, because, as an author, I couldn't imagine creating a universe that was rich and detailed and true to humanity without at least some mention of the lifestyles supposedly "alternative". I found a place for them.

There will be main characters, side characters. There will be a place in my imaginary worlds for everyone. It may not always be a big place, but sometimes it will be.

So, yeah...

I'm going to go write some stuff about gay street performers in space.

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