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Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Dance

Do not dance in front of the Alamo. It is disrespectful to the dead, who - I admit - probably do not concern themselves with whether there is dancing in front of the Alamo or not.

Frankly, if dancing is a nuisance, imagine the rattle of street cars and the constant clop-clop-clop of cowboy boots and high heels. Birds are pooping on the garden - how disrespectful. Music from the riverwalk wafts up the stairs with the scent of tex-mex cuisine.

Every morning, in San Antonio walkers and joggers pass before the Alamo, down to the riverwalk to bounce bounce bounce their feet over the bones of the dead.

Dance not, though, before the Alamo.

Do not celebrate there. Walk through reverently. Fold your hands in prayer.

For these good, brave men died here.

(*cough* To keep their slaves in chains, all these suicidal Southern men... *cough* *cough*)

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