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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm thinking of converting a couple of the little papers I had to write for school into actual "book reviews". From my school reading list.

Bottom line:
"Generation Loss" by Elizabeth Hand: highly recommended. You will "see" things in this novel that you will not soon forget.
"Cyberabad Days" by Ian MacDonald: like any short story collection, some are stronger than others, but the strong ones really make this collection worthwhile, and I recommend it.
"Hyperion" by Dan Simmons: highly recommended. This is a classic. It really, really is.
"This Is Not a Game" by Walter Jon Williams: Readable, and enjoyable, but disjointed. It's like reading a short story followed by a novella with only the tenuous threads of the ARG'ing to connect them, with some other structural oddities. Still, a fun book, a fast read, and suitable for airplanes and beaches.

I might convert these essays to actual reviews. Maybe. But, not right now. I've got to finish some other assignment stuff, and finish a story about a tiger that lives on the head of Samarkand, the lizard of the waste...

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