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Saturday, February 27, 2010

MAZE is coming...

So, I got an offer on a new book, and - pending contract and check clearing - it looks like MAZE will be seeing the light of day.

Mosaic novels have long fascinated me since the days I discovered SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY, THE BRIDGE TO SAN LUIS REY, and CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN, and started putting them together in my mind, thematically.

Also, I thought about living in THE LABYRINTH, and how I would never get to the center, and if I did, I would never make it home. I'd have to find other survivors, and make the best life I could inside the dangerous, unknowable place.

I was thinking how I'd have kids, and they'd live there, too. I was thinking how we'd do the best we could, and it probably wouldn't be enough.

Then, I was thinking of how the place would deal with us, intruders in an ecosystem we don't understand.

Then, I went to my ten-year high school reunion, came home, and had a vivid dream about a maze, and getting trapped there, and the monster born from my own lung.

Which is to say, this is a strange book, and interstitial, and it looks like my bit of surrealist sci-fi+fantasy+horror+coming-of-age+? mosaic piece has found a good home.

I expect there's going to be giveaways, when the time comes, of free .pdfs and paperbacks. If you want review copies, all I ask is that you drop me a line at my e-mail address, and promise to post a review if you like it. It'll be a while, yet, until the time is right for that, but if you e-mail me now, I'll know you're one of the folks who read this entry, months before it was cool to be reading my blog and talking about books and mosaics and mazes. I'll make a list. I'll check it twice.

Blast the signal if you wanna.


doug said...

Sweet! Congrats, and I look forward to reading Maze one day.

Matthew Bey said...