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Thursday, April 1, 2010

old stories comin' back to me now. I'm diggin' through the old files for a thing I can't tell you about that may amount to nothin'. it's like it's not real to me, and it never really was, because the first imprint folded and i was back to being just some kid with delusions of grandeur, scribbling into the night again.

but it's real because i read over the old files, and i know it's there, a book about demons' children, adrift in a world that wants to see them die.

rachel nolander and jona lord joni and djoss and calipari and everyone is comin' back to me now.

i remember dogsland. i remember where cities begin, and where they end.

i can hear the wolves howling in the night again.

it's comin' back to me. yeah, it's comin' back to me, now.

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Matt said...

Even if your old stories aren't that good, you can take the concepts and "reimagine" them.

(Think the new "Battlestar Galactica" vs. the one from the 1970s.)

My very first short story was a ripoff of "Species" where the protagonist was a male cop who got experimented on by the government.

If I could find the original story, I'd probably think it garbage, but I took the concept and wrote out a synopsis for a book that, if I write it, can be counted on to be MUCH better.

Your story about demon's children (half-demon?) being hunted by a hostile world could make a good story.