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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hestia never came together...

Big city's growing. Chomping up them small towns nip nip nip. Used to be Alpharetta was one small town. Now it's three, and it ain't hardly separated at all from Atlanta. City folks pushing out from the center like they is crawling outta the ground below five points, pushing everyone out and away, and everyone is rolling over like the little bear said, until the crowd presses into the ocean and then everyone is tumbling into boats, and the waves will catch them and everything spreads all over everything. The towers rising up and up and up and the city climbing up alongside like a forest canopy clambering after the most light. I'm getting my oil changed in the suburbs and a homeless guy with the shakes asked me if I had spare change. Can't buy nothing with change anymore. Everything costs a dollar or more. Anyway if we give them money they'll keep begging instead of tumbling into the salvation army after clean clothes and hot food and counseling services to get him off the street, employed somewhere, renting a place in town and joining society. He looks like a mole man. Wonder where he came from. I'd ask him, but all he would do is lie about it.

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