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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pictures of you

you know how hard it is to photograph a dog, a cat, and a small child? that is what pictures of you look like.

the camera flattens you out, and loses your shape in the blurry edge of energy you have from the microscopic machines that hold your face together. the aqueous glow of the algae in your lips, photosynthesizing and photosynthesizing becomes a blur of smudged green like molded lipstick. the eyes are always red - blame the cameras in the iris.

hold still, goddamnit! can you just hold still long enough for one stinking picture! stop the sea anemones in your hair from grabbing floating fluff long enough to get one stinking picture.

i'll soften the lens as much as i can, but it won't do anything about the pudge in your cheekbones where you store the implants.

stupid post-humans. they never look good in digital, even when they throw their whole self into digital.

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