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Thursday, October 7, 2010

so much to say...

the more i think about the blog-o-sphere, the more i wonder that there really is so much to say in the world.

i can see a post-singular future where no one has to say anything. they merely point to the place in the web of words and ideas where they find the perfect expression of what already has been said.

soon, within miliseconds, the recipients of this kind of communication will no longer even need to read the entries. they can just see the url and know enough to know what the response would be. you see, when placed in opposition, catherynne valente's response could only be one of a few things when posted after an entry by rick sanchez. soon, language will mute and dissolve around this notion. we will speak in urls of blogs, perhaps abbreviated to be just the name of the blogger involved.

soon, dictionaries will have their entries replaced by lifetimes in livejournal.

not so long after that, the servers will die, society will collapse, and we'll all walk around staggering into the earth we thought we transcended, muttering aich tee tee pee! aich tee tee pee! boingboing! gamasutra! io9! dot dot dot!

confused and forlorn, with only the memory of blogs to contain our thoughts, language will start up again on the ur-text of 4chan.

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