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Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, did you read EMBERS by Sandor Marai?

What did you think?


*hears the sounds of crickets*

Well, regardless, we can try again next month. This time, I've chosen a book early because ordering used took so long last time.

The book I've chosen is Maureen McHugh's second novel, HALF THE DAY IS NIGHT, which I have not read before, and I suspect other huge McHugh fans have also not read. I do this because there is a collection coming out in November from Small Beer Press that I suspect I will also be purchasing, and I really want to fill out my collection of Maureen McHugh books with first editions while they are still inexpensive.

If you read Embers, come on down to the comments section and let's talk about it, eh? I thought y'all wanted a book club!


Justin said...

I've read her new collection, AFTER THE APOCALYPSE. It's incredibly good. She's got a real talent in short fiction. I'm going to have to give her novels a look.

J m mcdermott said...

CHINA MOUNTAIN ZHANG is a mindblowing masterpiece that won about every award there is to win.

The Spiral said...

I didn't know you started a book club, but I'm down. When are we discussing the next book?

J m mcdermott said...

We're reading Maureen McHugh's second novel starting on November 1.