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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Other Works Available

Howdy all,

I'm very pleased with the giveaway going on for a couple more days. But, one recurring theme has been surprise by folks who didn't realize I had another thing out and for sale. Another recurring theme has been folks looking for an opportunity to "tip" me, which is great, but doesn't reward my publishing partners who are a huge part of my success.

So, I thought I would take a moment to mention some of the things that I have out right now.

Beyond Dogsland, there is the audiobook of LAST DRAGON:

For fans of LAST DRAGON, I think you will be very pleased by the short story collection, out from my own little micro-press (more projects are forthcoming not by me, but we are in such early stages it is not time to announce or even hint at anything...) Bad Ducky Industries. WOMEN AND MONSTERS reimagines Greek mythology in a modern, surrealist mode, and looks for the hidden corners of these stories.

DEATH MASK AND EULOGY, a novelette, is available in just about every format I can think of, and lots of people like that little piece. You might like it, too.

I have been working very hard in this shared world, TALES OF THE FATHOMLESS ABYSS, and I am very excited to see this project continue! There's lots happening behind the scenes, and it all starts with this collection, edited by Phil Athans:

Of course, both LAST DRAGON and DISINTEGRATION VISIONS are available from Apex Books! And it is the rare case that it is best to purchase directly from their website, though the books are available at most major retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Finally, in the forthcoming issue of JOURNAL OF UNLIKELY ENTOMOLOGY, expect to see my short story WAR BEETLES!

State of the career is pretty good, but if you want to pick up stuff, and support my career, here are some great options. Tipping is always appreciated, at sankgreall(gmail)com, but it isn't as appreciated as helping along the publishing partners that make my career possible. During a major transition at Nightshade, some things are running way behind, and I don't need to tell you that the best way to speed things up is to make noise with reviews, make some purchases with some dollars, and just generally being an advocate for ethical treatment of authors and creators in all things and ways.

Also, one could tell one's friends that free eBooks are available until the week started with my prior blog post comes to a close. That would be helpful! (And thanks to those, like, that spread the word!)

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