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Friday, March 22, 2013

No Ganja

When I was at the gas station putting air in my wife's tires, some teenager came up and asked me if I knew where he could buy some ganja. He waited around even after I brushed him off, as if I was going to tell him where. I was in my gym clothes, coming from the local YMCA. I was sweaty, a little bit, with messy hair that's getting a little long-ish, and a beard. I guess I looked the part?

I said, "No."

The kid stuck around, convinced I was the guy to introduce him to a dealer. I repeated myself.


I do not care for ganja. Some people do, and good for them if they are in one of the states where it is currently legal. I do not care for it. I tried it once in high school, and thought it was dumb and a waste of time. I preferred recreational activities that had more a sense of accomplishment than sitting on a couch watching cartoons. I am pro-legalization, but this has nothing to do with my desire to use the silly thing. I don't think we should ban tobacco, either, and I wouldn't touch the stuff to flush it down the drain.

I long ago figured out that I don't need a drug to have the munchies. I have the munchies right now, and almost 24/7. I do not need a drug to sit on my couch for hours. Again, I have that covered. I do not need a drug to laugh at dumb things, or obsess over weird things. I do both of those naturally, quite successfully. As I am currently not experiencing nausea for any medical reason, nor am I suffering from depression, I also do not need medical usage of marijuana. Basically, all the symptoms this drug helps with and creates are things I do not need added into my life.

But, kids apparently think I'm the guy to go to for their ganja hookup? I'm not even the guy to get them a jumper-cable hookup. I'm not even the guy to tell them where the bus stop are, because I don't know where the bus stops are. If you were lost, I probably couldn't give you directions.

Nothing makes me want to get a haircut and a beard trim and ironed clothes more than a teen coming up to me searching out a ganja dealer.

Don't do drugs. Stay in school. Do things that are fun when your head is clear, because they require you to think and move and stuff. Save the drugs of leisurely afternoons for when you've accomplished great things, or you are dealing with a serious medical condition that is aided by the drug.

I need a haircut. And clean clothes.

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