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Monday, November 4, 2013

Working not Blogging

Instead of blogging today, as I have been trying to do every Monday, as it is generally my day off, I had two other things to do. First, I'm digging in the dirt to lay concrete pavers all down one side of my house. I've dug up dirt in hard-packed mud for about 80 pavers this last week, and tomorrow is my final push on the digging phase of this project. Second, when all the energy was burned out of me via shovel, I was going through the page proofs on MAZE, which is a novel I wrote, and it is coming out soon from Apex Books, and it a major work by me, I think, and lots of people are really, really going to like it, I think. The people, if they hear about MAZE, then they will like it. All right, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to tell people that #MAZEisComing. Use the hash tag and I'll find you on Twitter. Use the hashtag and I'll find you via google alert. I've got a nifty prize in mind for a random person that does so with the hash tag. Random selection of the prize I have in mind is random. I won't be able to find you on Facebook, most likely, so please do screencap it and pass it along to me at sankgreall gmail com. Remember: MAZE is coming. #MAZEisComing It's time to get lost. Also, I'm digging in the dirt, getting the ground ready for gravel and paving stones.

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