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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Orchard

Down south spring is weeks away. Things that don't mind a cold snap must be pruned like wild books that don't know their own best scenes. Do it now before the winds come, to protect them from damage. The spring winds will blow through soon, clear out all the world. The polar vortex did some damage, and I'm surveying that, too.

Dead lemongrass. Dead ginger.
Polar Vortex ate them all.
The grape vine is a mess. I let it grow wild one year, get established, and get a few good canes growing.

Time to cut.
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Dead japaleno:
The peaches and pear are next, in February
The cold snap and the warm, wet day woke up the bud on the pear:
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Every time I fix it, the wind breaks it again. ->
Don't let fig clippings go to waste. That might become a tree.
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