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Monday, April 21, 2014


Nine writers enter, only one remains!

It's like Thunderdome, but with flash fiction!

Everyone go here, and go read and go vote.

Hugo packet hasn't arrived, yet. It's going to be a doozy when it does with the entire WHEEL OF TIME series included... So, take a break and read flash fiction in a fun contest celebrating all things MADNESS and MAY.

Two writers square off, and enter the arena. Their topics are presented versus style. You, the reader, choose the winner. Zombie versus Vampire. Earth versus Mars. Parent versus Child.

The winners in each bracket, chosen by YOU the READERS, move on to the next round of awesome flash fiction!

Topics will be chosen from a random pile of topics, and selected and distributed on Friday. Stories will be delivered by Sunday. WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN!

It's better than the Hugos, which is a popular award at a science fiction convention, because May Madness is a THUNDERDOME of speculative fiction for CHARITY!

Go read. Go vote. Go go go!

The winner wins a trophy, selected from the bookstore where I work. This is the trophy:

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