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Saturday, August 16, 2014

So close to shelter dog goal...

Howdy internets,

My wife is home all day when I am off working two jobs and trying to write. She starts a new job, soon, at a newly opening facility. Before her schedule kicks in, it would be nice to settle a dog into our lives. We are very close to being able to afford a dog. We are so close that I am asking you, the internets, to look over to the sidebar and pick yourself up an eBook. If I sell about 75-100 ebooks this month, which really isn't that many at all, then we can put money down on a shelter dog.

This isn't a kickstarter or anything. This is much easier. There are eBooks to your right on this screen. They are inexpensive. I hear they're good books, too. It wouldn't take a lot of eBooks to push our budget over into dog ownership. Writers don't make a lot of money, and I work every minute, often leaving my wife alone. A dog would be a very useful stand in for me when I am writing to keep her company with someone quite similar to me in appearance and demeanor and attention span. I could then be free to write more books. Everyone wins! You get eBooks! The homeless dog gets a great home! My wife gets a better companion animal than a husband! And, I write more books!

We have a nice backyard, squirrels everywhere. We have a lovely walkign trail nearby with deer and armadillos to chase. The dog would have three other dogs to play with at my dad's house when we visit his acre in the woods by a lake. We are awesome potential dog owners hampered only by the reality that I don't make much money, and it almost all goes to bills. But our little savings has built up close and we can almost afford it, and I am asking you, the internets, to please consider completing your eBook collection of my work, and aiding us to get our resources over a critical hump towards the adoption fee and initial costs of dog ownership.

We would be the best dog parents. If only we had your help. Please, go eBook shopping today.


J. M. McDermott

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