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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two Videos of Our Puppy

First, let's look at what she looked like when the shelter system got her off the street and into custody. She was at a no-kill shelter that takes dogs from the regular system who are on death row. Skin diseases, like the very common and treatable demodex infection, get one sent to death row.

Here is Honey sleeping in her bed, just the other day, next to the picture of her when she was picked up by the shelter. Currently, she is free of demodex, and fully-haired. Hooray for medicine and good food!

Here is the second video. As you can see, she is very serious about fetch. It is the most important thing. Why does anyone do anything else? Eat, poop, play fetch. That is the stuff of life.

She has literally just now jumped into my face with her favorite red ball, determined that it is time to stop writing books and to start playing fetch. It is very important. Nothing else, in fact, matters.

I couldn't be happier about it, either.

Shelter dogs are awesome. You get to go in, meet a bunch of great puppies, and pick the very best one. Well, you don't get to pick the best one. You'll have to settle for second best. I already got the best one. Sorry about that.

Thanks to San Antonio Pets Alive for taking her in, and helping us find her.

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