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Sunday, January 24, 2021


 Things disappeared from Amazon, and things will reappear again in a few weeks. I'm revisiting some of the things I've placed there, myself, in the past, and just updating and cleaning and improving what I can while the wind is high and the storms are blowing outside my window. It doesn't impact any of the major titles, but the ones I've done, myself, have all disappeared to be reappeared later, after I clear out the dust and blow off the old formatting. I've had some issues working with Amazon in the past, and these continue, and I will work through them all. I'm hoping to find a solution that works even better, and I hope it works.

I expect there are many broken links floating around the internet, now, and I will try to fix them when it is time for them to be fixed. In the mean time, go to and see what else I'm up to, find good things, and share good things.


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