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Monday, April 30, 2007

what do you look like when you think you are alone and no one is looking?

i stood on a corner near the highway. i was walking to a cafe for a drink. i watched all these people in cars turning left right in front of me.

when you see cars, do you look at the car, or the person inside the car? i always try to remind myself to look at the person in the car.

steel cages, crumple zones, and air conditioning and all of these people listening to radios or shouting into cellphones with one hand and steering with the other.

like mobile living rooms, people hid from their own surroundings inside their cars.

i watched their faces. i saw what people look like when they they are alone and no one is looking.

they look lonely. except the ones who had her windows rolled down. a woman looked at me - a man walking down a busy access road with my bag on my back and a drink in my hand - and she smiled.

two other pedestrians carrying fruit smoothies stopped to share a laugh about the puny sidewalks over the bridge.

roll down your windows. make eye contact with pedestrians. participate in the world around you. you won't look so alone. you won't be so alone.

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