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Friday, April 6, 2007

yesterday and i have all we need

i have to leave you, tomorrow. i’ve decided that yesterday and i belong together.
we’re moving in together. we bought cats. we’ll stay in this big apartment, north of the city with our cats.

don’t worry, tomorrow, you’ll be fine without me.
ignore all those people that say we belong together -- we don’t. you’re no fun. you’re cold, and responsible, and i think…

well, i hate to put it this way but it’s just that you seem like the type to kill the person you’re with and don’t even get me started on how you’re never home.

go ahead, tomorrow, and buy the dog we said we’d buy. buy the house on the island without me. buy all the electronics and automobiles we dreamed about because yesterday and i have all we need.

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ohdawno said...

I found this post very moving - probably because I'm about to turn 50 and having a major mid-life crisis.