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Monday, June 25, 2007

no words

my parents lent me a digital camera for the week that i may photograph my sister’s cats and send them to her whilst she prepares for deployment.

here is a picture of massimo, lord of destruction:

here is a picture of diva, who will be abducted shortly by a large alien in a denim jacket:

now that I have appeased the lolcatz crowd, i shall move on to other things.

since, i had the camera, i carried it with me for my urban wanderings.

i am fascinated by construction sites. out at the edges where i live, urban sprawl eats forest and park and old buildings. to improve land we must first destroy it entirely, strip it to the nude rock and smother it in layer upon layer of trash and sweat and steel. Someday, this spot of ground that used to be a marshy thicket will become something tall and proud and clean with manicured gardens and trash cans and the miracles of indoor plumbing three stories above the ground.

here is a series of photos, that i hope tell you a story worth more than my thousand words.

tomorrow, I’ll find new batteries and new wastelands.

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