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Sunday, June 24, 2007

on the feast day of john the baptist

a thousand men upon a thousand and more predicted the end of the world. a thousand upon a thousand women, too. in fact, the world should have ended a thousand upon a thousand times by now.

i am amazed at the longevity of our doomed universe.

however, i suspect that all the predictions were true. we who are bound by time ought not to bind the cosmic in this way.

the world is not created external to the self. it is created by the senses that experience the world. thus, each person carries inside of them their own god-like nature, creating the world by touch, by taste, by sight, by smell by other senses we have not found to measure.

every time a vessel of senses drops into numb, the whole universe is destroyed.

every birth is a creation. every death is the end of the world.

god is life.

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